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ARM (DROID, Buntu, whatever) Development

Recently android devices are very cheap yet powerful enough to replace desktop/PC for every day tasks. For example, a android TV Box powered by A10 1GHz/1GB/4GB proc/mem/disk priced at only Rp 450k-600k, while dualcore procie priced at Rp 750k-850k, still much cheaper and more capable than PC/Net station… When we have such a machine in […]

Gnome 3 Experience on Natty Beta 1

Well, few days ago I’ve successfully grab the gnome 3 from it’s PPA, and then doing dist-upgrade. Anyway, some problems arose, and the most important was I had to manually download and install gnome-icon-theme version 2.91 from Debian repos… just don’t know why I had to, but now after gnome shell is up and running, […]

Gnome 3: Now…

I’ve been a Gnome user since Y2K, so every update of Gnome is one of my routine upgrades. One feature I like most from Gnome is that you need not to apply any changes you’ve made, it’s automatically refresh and use the new setting. Now, from the I see some enhancements from the appearance, […]

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