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What to Do to Your New iDevice?

Recently I bought an almost new iPod Touch 4th gen, 32GB via kaskus, and I really like this device, it’s more to computer than to multimedia player. So, here are the first things I do with the device: Jailbreak via jailbreakme and install SSHAlmost all iDevice owner have been done this very thing at the […]

Gnome 3: Now…

I’ve been a Gnome user since Y2K, so every update of Gnome is one of my routine upgrades. One feature I like most from Gnome is that you need not to apply any changes you’ve made, it’s automatically refresh and use the new setting. Now, from the I see some enhancements from the appearance, […]

DPKG Repack

Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8 memang mantep, banyak paket-paket dan tentunya theme-theme pilihan yang luar-biasa. Tetapi untuk menginstall ulang laptop atau komputer yang sudah ada ubuntunya tentu terasa berat dan sayang, apalagi jika sudah dikustom dan bayak modifikasi di sana-sini. Bagaimana caranya mengkopi beberapa paket saja dari UE-2.8 tersebut tanpa perlu menginstallnya ke laptop yang sudah […]

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