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Ubuntu Couple

Well, almost 4 months we’ve been using Ubuntu Karmic Koala, mainly in our tiny cheap Intel powered machine, ie Eee PC 900 (Intel Celeron) and AOA110L (Intel Atom). Ubuntu was the best OS for these little machine so far, at least until the 9.04 version (Jaunty). As I myself am an up-to-date guy, so every […]

Leopard Recovery Via Ubuntu

As you know that my working machine is now contains only two OS, theye’re Leopard 10.5.8 and Karmic Beta. So, while Chameleon is the best for booting Leopard, Karmic itself replaces Grub with Grub2, which couldn’t just chainloader the Chameleon booter. According to the Grub 2 wiki, chainloader actually is supported, but don’t know why, […]

Restore/Repair File Association in Ubuntu (Karmic)

Yesterday I did sudo apt-get upgrade, all completed, and my network-manager (3G modem) sets the DNS in resolv.conf correctly. One improvement. Ten minutes later I was tinkering with quickly, but when I did quickly tutorial, what arose was gedit opening the HTML file of the turorial series. So I opened nautilus and try to play […]

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