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Snow Leo 10.6.8 Runs from Dell 1410, with X3100 Enabled, of ‘coz

Some days or week ago, I successfully installed the iPortable Snow x86 distro complete with X3100 DSDT patched, but unfortunately latest Xcode and iPhone SDK just needed 10.6.8 to work, so with some struggle I came there fineally. So long story short: 1. Download Hazard 10.6.6 DVD image 2. Download Mac OSX 10.6.8 Combo update […]

iPortable Snow x86 (Snow Leopard 10.6.2), Successfully Runs on Dell 1410

Wew, two days full of waiting for completion of torrent download, and finally this iPortable Snow x86 runs with full resolution, quartz enabled. Previously even it couldn’t pass boot phase on Dell 1410 cheap laptop, kernel panic,etc. So, to make long story short, here are the procedures (done from already working Mac OSX/Hackintosh): – Using […]

What to Do to Your New iDevice?

Recently I bought an almost new iPod Touch 4th gen, 32GB via kaskus, and I really like this device, it’s more to computer than to multimedia player. So, here are the first things I do with the device: Jailbreak via jailbreakme and install SSHAlmost all iDevice owner have been done this very thing at the […]

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