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Quick and Dirty Android Devel, Dude…

Well some dudes asked  me how to start developing apps in Android platform, what is the very first step, and what are next… So, my simple answer is just do HTML5, since now many android devices support HTML5 smoothly, not to mention iOS. HTML5 itself supports WebSQL or sqlite for local storage. This feature alone […]

PacketTracer5.3 Arch Linux

Recently I attended a workshop for net admins in UNDIP, and no wonder we were using PacketTracer, for almost of our switches are CISCO. PacketTracer provides both Windows and Linux version, but as usual, only RPM and DEB packages. For the rest of Linux distro, they must adapt what they need theirself. So, for I […]

Journey to Arch a.k.a Good by Ubuntu….

I’ve been a loyal user of Ubuntu for about 6 years, and recently converted to The Arch Way, because what? Well, need for challenge, dude… After boredomness of Ubuntu, I was looking for a light, fast and reliable linux distro to live with. Firstly I tried slackware based, i.e Salix, for a few days, and […]

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