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ARM (DROID, Buntu, whatever) Development

Recently android devices are very cheap yet powerful enough to replace desktop/PC for every day tasks. For example, a android TV Box powered by A10 1GHz/1GB/4GB proc/mem/disk priced at only Rp 450k-600k, while dualcore procie priced at Rp 750k-850k, still much cheaper and more capable than PC/Net station… When we have such a machine in […]

Change Internal Storage Size : Axioo GFI (Jellybean)

Woohooo, a year full no posting even a word… Ok, here is what we’re waiting for so long: custom partition size for axioo GFI jellybean… As you know that GFI and GEA from axioo only have 512MB for internal /data, so it’s pretty useless for today apps that need gigs of space, and for internal […]

Develop Android (Web) Apps without Eclipse

I’m (forever) not a fun of Java, though I’m 100% Javanese 😀 Mostly because all Java is (damn) SLOW. Say any java product, and it’s incredibly slow. Android itself java based, but doesn’t use java virtual machine, instead it uses Dalvik virtual machine… Anyway, developing for android in eclipse (recommended tool from Google) bring me […]

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