Wii Backup, forcefully…

Why I bought Wii instead of PS3 or Xbox? Interactivity and game play. I just like casual and easy game with a good plot rather than a full blown action game with stunning full HD graphic and surround sound. Recently Xbox has its kinect, and PS3 has its Move, but too many requirements for those things, while not so many games specifically built for such interactivity.

So, to make long story short, I’ve bought a crazy cheap Wii, complete with its dance mat, sports pack, wii fit balance board and two sets of remote controller and nunchucks, but unfortunately with limited reading capability, i.e weak DVD optic! So my only choice was to play the included games with external USB storage. Here is the problem began.

A lot of its DVD games can’t be read via laptop (not to mention WBFS), so, it needs more treatment other than just ripping the contents into USB storage using Wii Backup Manager, because it will stop ripping if CRC error occured, while we know that not all the game occupy the same 4,7 GB size.

So, here is what I did to transfer all game from semi unreadable DVD into working WBFS file:

  1. Using DD, dump DVD content into iso file, power iso can do this, but also stop on CRC error, so use DD here. You can do this in Linux or Windows, using the right tools
  2. Rip the game from ISO file you just created using Wii Backup Manager, into wbfs folder in your root partition, i.e D:\WBFS
  3. Using dolphin emulator, play your ripped games, if it works, transfer to your USB storage to play in Wii, if not, just delete it.
  4. Repeat for the rest DVD

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