M-Project plus Phonegap for Android Development

My last post talked about quick and easy android development, but well, it’s not so easy… While my code run successfully in Emulator, my real device shows blank WebSQL result. The sqlite database is there, and all the rows I have inserted, but the SQL ResultSet return empty, or not displayed. Logcat show me nothing here, so temporarily I left it…

Again, with apktool I modified assets/www to hold a M-project sample, ie Todo Application. After signing the new apk, adb install into device, not emulator, it works. Here’s the shot:

M-project plus phonegap

If you see a white line on the very right side, it’s button savior background, if you don’t install it, it’s all really fullscreen.

Here are some note when I modified apk using apktool:

  1. Application’s label can be change via AndroidManifest.xml
  2. Permission and screen size can be set also in AndroidManifest.xml

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