PacketTracer5.3 Arch Linux

Recently I attended a workshop for net admins in UNDIP, and no wonder we were using PacketTracer, for almost of our switches are CISCO.

PacketTracer provides both Windows and Linux version, but as usual, only RPM and DEB packages. For the rest of Linux distro, they must adapt what they need theirself. So, for I am an Arch user since two months ago (and wiped all Linux Distro instance from my Laptop), installing packet tracer is challenging. Here are the process…

PacketTracer5.3 in Arch Linux

1. Download packettracer for ubuntu/debian, simply seek DEB file for  it . Mine is packetracer53-no-tutorial-deb.bin, which is the smallest

2. Run the installer with: sudo sh packetracer53-no-tutorial-deb.bin, and before goes too long, seek in the /tmp for selfextracted folder, there we’d find a PacketTracer-5.3-i386.deb file, this file is the master. Copy/move this file somewhere safe and easyly accessible, eg: sudo mv PacketTracer-5.3-i386.deb /opt/

3. Extract using any archive utility, I use Xarchiver for this, and we only need data.tar.gz to be extracted.

4. Extract data.tar.gz into / (sudo tar zxvf data.tar.gz -C /), our packettracer would be in /usr/local/PacketTracer5.

5. Try to run it: /usr/local/PacketTracer5/packettracer, succeeded. But wait, the appearance looks so ugly, it uses Qt, but my Qt is using GTK themes, so in general my Qt based are just looked as the same as GTK based, so to fix this, just simply remove all libs, they are /usr/local/PacketTracer5/lib/*.so.4.3.3

6. Done. One more thing is copying packettracer to /usr/bin, so everytime we need to execute is enough with exec. packettracer in /usr/bin. It is a launcher file, so no need to make link, just copy is fine.

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