Haipad, Dropad, MID, Whatever… Cortex A8/PowerVR powered

I have this cheap but very useful device, an ipad wannabe, powered with an C8/PowerVR GPU just as Galaxy Tab’s spec, unless it has lower RAM and internal storage available. The plus is it has an HDMI out and both USB Host and OTG port. Very convenience…

OK, the very first step when I received this tablet was doing some FLASHING. Why? Sure, customised ROM seems always better than the stocked ROM. Fortunately, we can find a lot of CFW (Customised Firmware) in www.slatedroid.com, or precisely in this address: http://lyt.no-ip.org/blog/2011/04/information-herotab-c8-dropad-a8-firmwares/

The Android ROM is not so big, approx 80-100MB, so we can download multiple ROMs in a short period of time. One tips from me, if you wanna flash multiple times, don;t forget to backup some downloaded apps, apk, or some data. Better use titanium backup for this task, and later you always can restore back.

I have another trick to hinder the lost of apps/data we previously save, ie by editing the utscript.sh to skip creating partitions and making filesystem, because we totally sure that the partitions and filesystems are exist and need no deletion/re-creation.

What flashing do actually is copying the kernel, boot logo and root filesystem into internal NAND partition (only 128MB for the root fs), after that what utscript do is erase existing data, even partitions and recreate them again, and than copying all needed stuff there….

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